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  • Aviation interiors compliant product suite
  • Custom colour creation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Custom imagery and texture
  • Products solutions designed to interact with light

Innovation Centers

Learn more about the impact of colour, and how through our unique process, we can develop colours, textures, imagery, and effects that bring your design to life.


appLab™ brings the supply chain together for rapid prototyping. Using dedicated fabrication tools, test equipment and technology, you can develop, refine and produce custom solutions that move your industry forward. Let’s start collaborating.


When performance is vital and safety is critical, you can depend on our wide range of products that meet the demanding specifications for fire, smoke, and toxicity.


Highlighted Products

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Developed inside the appLab™, the new KYDEX® surfaceGrip™ (SG) product line is an anti-slip, low gloss material for aviation interiors. Available with custom colour and Infused Imaging™ technology, surfaceGrip™ opens the door to new design possibilities, combining integral colour, imagery, and a tactile experience with soft touch texture.


KYDEX® Injection Molding materials are a PVC/PMMA alloy and share the same physical properties as KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheet. Because KYDEX® IM materials are specifically engineered to match KYDEX® thermoformed parts, they contribute to the overall seamless aesthetic and are as durable, chemical- and stain- resistant.


Designers can realize multi-faceted designs with low minimums and custom colour through the fully compliant KYDEX® FST suite, including:

  • KYDEX® FST— Opaque
  • KYDEX® FST 03 — Pearlescent
  • KYDEX® FST CTL — Tinted colour/translucent
  • KYDEX® FST CLR — Clear

Specially formulated to meet low heat release and fire retardancy requirements in aviation interiors, with high-impact material that improves passenger safety.


This high-impact thermoplastic sheet shimmers with a pearlescent effect and meets aviation-industry standards for low heat release and improved passenger safety.


Meeting What's Important In Aviation Interiors

Crystal Cabin award winning, Infused Imaging™ puts colour and imagery into thermoplastic material. Not on it. It gives designers, seat manufacturers and airlines the power to create bespoke environments using colour, images and texture without sacrificing strength and durability.


Quality assurance is our hallmark. That’s why, after a staining problem — and at an airlines’ request — we conducted our standard internal tests on a competitor’s products.


SEKISUI KYDEX takes their commitment to being good stewards of the environment seriously. Lighter aircrafts use less jet fuel leading to reduced carbon emissions. Learn more about KYDEX® Thermoplastics sustainability.


Innovation Stories

Inspired by the RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit and innovation, the A/B Project is a shining example of collaborative craftsmanship and enhancing the passenger experience.

Aviation Market Guide

Learn how SEKISUI KYDEX’s versatile, design-forward materials provide a wide range of options for a cohesive design and personalized fit and finish throughout the cabin.
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To learn more about our aviation products and services, contact Ben Smalley at SEKISUI KYDEX.

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For more information, please contact Blake Munns, Aviation Business Coordinator, or fill out our contact form and a customer service representative will respond to you within 24-48 hours during normal business activity.

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Holding Samples

Holding samples of KYDEX® Thermoplastics, with their deep, rich colour, can be transforming. Experience the difference for yourself.  Request the samples you'd like today.