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Reimagine designs, replace heavier materials, and improve the overall aesthetic of your product to unlock possibilities never imagined before. KYDEX Thermoplastics provide excellent resistance to graffiti, chemicals, and staining, and meet or exceed regulatory compliance and safety standards for the following railcar interior and bus

Innovation Centers

Innovation meets specification at appLab™, where technical services teams will collaborate with you to develop custom concepts we can produce on spec.


At designLab®, explore the interplay of colour, texture, and light. Dive into our rich palette, or we’ll work with you to create the custom colour you envision.


Meeting What's Important In Mass Transit Interiors

Our broad range of technical resources will help you learn about the thermoplastics manufacturing process, thermoforming processes, and how our sheets offer you real advantages over traditional design materials.


Traditionally, interior designers and part manufacturers have relied on fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) to gain notableweight savings over metal components while retaining stiffness comparable to metal. Designers can gain even more weight savings with high-strength, lightweight thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic partsprovide considerable weight savings over FRP while retaining strength and rigidity.


SEKISUI KYDEX is a responsible manufacturing partner committed to sustainable thermoplastics. Instead of adding to landfills, we manufacture with a closed loop, using internal and external recycling programs.


In today’s mass transit interiors, function and aesthetics must work together to create friendly environments rich with colour and design. Damage- and stain-resistant, thermoplastics are perfect for such high-traffic areas.


Innovation Stories

Mass Transit Market Guide

The mass transit industry has traditionally been limited by cost, weight, and established design conventions. Designers and transit authorities are looking for an enhanced interior design and enriched customer experience. Thermoplastics can help you address these challenges.
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To learn more about our mass transit products and services, contact Ruben Bake at SEKISUI KYDEX.

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Holding Samples

Holding samples of KYDEX® Thermoplastics, with their deep, rich colour, can be transforming. Experience the difference for yourself. Request the samples you'd like today.